Monday, May 21, 2012

What's doin', Katie Bunny?

So, I hired an editor for my current sub MSS The Death of Me. And I've gotten some slack and some support for it, too. Slack, you say? Yes, freaking slack. Someone who shall remain nameless seems to think that hiring an editor when I'm only just starting out will make agents think I can't do it myself. 

To this person, I say that the editor will simply polish the prose and make sure no major issues are peeking through. I mean, after reading the darn thing a million and one times, there's bound to be some small grammatical errors that these 'ole blinders have overlooked. 

On the flip side, the support has been great! Several individuals encouraged me that hiring an editor to make sure the MSS is the best it can be will ensure the chances of my being picked up. I mean, when you're scouring the internet for agents, the majority of them stipulate on their submission requirements that your MS should be the best it can be. How to achieve this? Professional editing.

On to the more mundane! I have a sample from The Death of Me below:

...He turned the volume up on a recap of American Idol. It was a good episode. Several of my favorite songs were performed that night. A contestant I admired was blowing out strains of Unchained Melody. It was such a beautiful song, I found myself humming it. 
When it was over, I turned the volume down. “I’ve been meaning to ask you about something,” I said. When Martin didn’t answer, I turned my attention toward him. 
        For some weird reason, he’d stopped eating and was just staring at the television. I waved a hand in front of his face and got no reaction. 
       “Hello?” I asked. “What’s thinkin’, Pal O’ Mine?”
       “Where did that come from?” he wondered. It sounded as though he’d just awoken.
       “That song... It was like...pretty...”
       “Yeah, she’s a good singer,” I replied. “But I wanted to ask you some stuff.” He remained motionless. “Martin!”
“What?!” he asked, finally turning to look at me. ...

Katie has a new catch phrase. She borrows something from The Exorcist (which she read and loved, by the way), and she now asks, "What's doin'?" or "What's thinkin'?" 

But since the change, now I have to go back through novel #2 and add some pieces. 

So! My stupid writer's brain made me start another novel this weekend. For now, I'm calling it Test because I'm not sure where it's going to fit in. I started it as another in the A Cure Series, but I doubt it'll make the cut as it's just another way for me to wipe the slate clean...again. Yes, again. I've already done it once, and I think once is enough. I'm not sure where this one's going to go, but my brain seems to think it could be good. It may just turn out to be a short "What if...?"

Oh, and T-minus eleven days and counting until the first in said series appears on, Barnes&, and in print. Watch out for it! A Cure for the Condition is coming out on June 1! And in three months, when I'm sittin' on a cruise ship, enjoying the crisp Alaskan air and watching those glaciers roll by, I will be thinking of my readers. 

Yes, there will be a laptop. Damn it all! Writing doesn't take a vacation! 

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