Friday, June 15, 2012

Forgive me bloggers, for I have neglected....

Sorry about that. I's been forever.

I've been pouring over QT forums for the projects I'm engaged in. At the moment, I've got six works in progress. Three of which are sequels to The Death of Me, and two of which are sequels to the A Cure Series.

I submitted the third in the A Cure series to my publisher last week because I was tired of waiting for agents to get back to me. Besides, I'm really engaged in my current sub. But the day after I submitted to them, I got a full request from an agent I would love to have. And guess what? Okay, no... No word yet. But this MS did pass the five-day test my other one didn't. And it also passed the six-day test the agent tends to be in line with. 

Anyway, doesn't matter to me either way. Either way it's going to get published.

Oh, and something else! Jeez, I almost forgot. 

I've been searching my name every day on Amazon to wait for the book to be available. Today, I saw it! Yay! 

Here are the links:



No B&N yet, but that'll come soon!

Oh, and they spelled my last name wrong on the Kindle edition. Working on fixing that with the Publisher. Rawr!

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