Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lame Ex-Boyfriends

Something interesting happened to me today, and I won't go into it to protect those involved. It wasn't terrible, sad, or even disturbing. It was actually rather nice. 

Anyway, a great idea from a fellow 238er inspired me to write a post about what kind of ex I would want to come back to me, a Malcolm Holmes or a Martin Krane. 

Now, Malcolm Holmes is mature; English. He knows how to inject humor into a conversation drenched in woe. And he never ends a sentence in a preposition if he can help it. Malcolm will do whatever he can to get what he wants, even if it means sacrificing something or someone else to get it. 

In the A Cure series, he has some great lines, some great love affairs, and an even greater sense of humanity. Without Malcolm, none of the books would have been possible. And watch what you say to the women he loves. One wrong move, and you'll get an earful. 

And I don't consider him arrogant or conceited at all. He just KNOWS he's that good with women. He just KNOWS he's a lover in the same vein as Valentino and Fabio. Malcolm doesn't ever like to have sex. Malcolm likes to "make love." He gives and teases at the same time. He can make women melt and freeze until they don't know whether they're coming or going. And because of that, you won't know you're saying yes to him until it's too late.

The only thing about Malcolm is that he can be stubborn and hard-headed. Sometimes, he doesn't know when to quit. And his spontaneity can sometimes land him in heaps of trouble.

Martin Krane, however... Martin Krane is in a nineteen-year-old body, but he's really 420 years old. So, Martin's got the wisdom of his age and the sense to know what he wants. Or so you'd think. 

Martin has had a lot of fleeting loves. But his real love is with his sister who died when he was nineteen. Since then, he has longed for a real relationship, but never had the heart to go down that road and be hurt. And he's the type of guy that would rather not try at all than try and fail. 

But Martin's also got a dark side (hee hee, "something, something Dark Side" John, you know what I'm talking about). Martin can get sulky, moody, grumpy. He has a habit of shrinking into himself and not talking about what's bothering him. You have to pry to get it out. And even after he tells you, there's no guarantee that he'll be back to his old self again. 

But Martin will do what he can to stand up for what he believes in. When he loves, he'll do whatever it takes to help the lucky girl he's fallen for. 

The only thing about Martin that seems off is his serious nature. I know that sounds weird, but when Martin gets serious, something's going down. 

So, I know which one I'd want to be my lame ex-boyfriend coming around for a second chance after I'd thought all was done. But, what about you?

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