Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Madness Behind Pet Names

Pet names! Bah!

How often have you wracked your brain; tried your hardest to come up with a pet name for your sweetie (let's mark that one for later), only to be faced with having to call them by their name or--even worse--something like "pooper." Yeah, I've heard that one before. Gross.

Well, as a writer, I find it actually hard to come up with names that my characters can call one another. My run down list goes something like this:


...And that's it. Wow. It's even shorter in print than it is in my head. Malcolm calls Catherine "Love" as a sign of affection. In turn, she just uses his name. But if the moment calls for something sweeter, she uses "Babe" or "Baby." That's just the A Cure series. What about The Death series?

Well, Martin doesn't ever really give a pet name to Katie. I suppose when she's dating John, he calls her "sweetness", but that's only once. Martin just shortens her nickname from Katie to "Kay", which sounds more or less like an acquiesce than a name for someone you care about.

My characters come up with their own lines, their own words and catchphrase, so they can deal with a shortage of "Honey," "Sweetness," and "Pumpernickel" (okay, that last one is made up).

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