Friday, July 13, 2012

Blog Hijacked Part II (Posted by Katie Bunny)

Damn! I missed him by a few days! 

Anyone seen Martin Krane? He has a habit of disappearing unless I really need him. Oh! That's it!

"Martin! Martin! Help! There's a wraith after me!"

... ... ... ...

Crap. Didn't work. Remind me to slap his impossibly adorable face next time I see him. He's going to be the death of me, I swear (no pun intended). Oh, wait...maybe that was supposed to be a pun. I don't know, it's hard to think when you've only got THIRTY DAYS to live.

Care to make the switch with me, Mr. Spurlock? You may just get me off the hook.
Nah... That wouldn't be fair. It's my life; my mistake. I gotta live with it. You're probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about, right? Well, thirteen days before my sixteenth birthday, I got into a car with a classmate who was blitzed on recreational stimulants (is Marijuana a stimulant? Or is a downer? Does a downer count as a stimulant?). I'm an idiot, I know. And, even though I was warned, I took my chances. Can you guess where it got me? Yeah, yeah, yeah. She crashed into a tree and I died, okay? I hate reliving that accident. 

But, dying has taught me some stuff--some pretty exciting stuff, if I may say so myself. See, I went to this endless sandy beach. An old friend of mine appeared to me and gave me this crazy spiel. Only...she wasn't my old friend. She was the embodiment of the beings in the next stage of existence. They can't appear to us because our brains only comprehend three dimensions. Basically, when we die, we leave our bodies behind and go to the...sixth dimension or something. Of course, I get left out. I always get left out. 

The snow and I have something in common... We're both left out in the cold!
So, this old friend tells me that I can't pass on because I haven't fulfilled my ultimate goal. I guess only those people who have LIVED can pass on. Crazy, right? So, I get to go back for a month to do all that stuff I'll never get to do. Which is why I NEED MARTIN!

... ... ... ...

Sigh... No luck. He's supposed to be helping with my Life List. 

Oh, yeah... I'm also not supposed to tell anyone anything about the afterlife or they'll suck me back into Purgatory for eternity (so this little post is between you and me. Winky face). Martin Krane is the guy they sent down to make sure I don't "spill the beans" to anyone. And I gotta say he's DOING A FANTASTIC JOB! 

Okay, deep breaths, Katie. He's probably just creating a report for the alter-dimensional "edlers" or hanging out with my best friend, Sherry, or running a brush through those soft, gold lock of his or...flirting with Christina. Gah! Stop thinking about him! Come on!

This is so sad. I have NO idea what the heck I'm supposed to be doing! In the last two weeks, I've turned sixteen, had my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and SIXTH kisses, tried whiskey, earned a solo in choir, and told my whole family I loved them. What's left? Overcoming my shyness? Yeah, right.

Okay, guys, I've got two weeks left. What should I do?


  1. Oh, this is funny. I found your blog through Jeff Goins site. This entry is particularly poignant for me as I have a 15 yo son who will be 16 in December. If you're interested in his bucket list, he would like to be a baseball player so if he had only 30 days to live, playing in a Major League game would be one of the things he would want to do.

    1. That's a wonderful dream to have! I love to see when today's youth has a plan and something to look forward to!

      If you'd like, you can certainly follow my blog to get updates on where this current book is headed!

      Thanks for sharing!