Monday, July 30, 2012

"Healer": Eternal Life Can Be a Pain...

Lots of updates to go around, people!

About six weeks ago, I sent in a proposal to Barnes & Noble to see if they'd want to stock my book, A Cure for the Condition, on their shelves. Well, let me tell you, I did not wait with bated breath. I didn't expect anything out of it, because the book is indie published and B&N is notorious for not working with smaller publishers. 

So, when I got a letter in the mail last Thursday from them, I immediately sighed and wanted to toss it into the rejection bin (which is, consequently, in the same location as the trash can). I mean, when a letter starts off, 

Dear Ms. Urban,

Thank you for the opportunity to review your book, A Cure for the Condition...

it's usually not a good sign. But, upon reading further, they admitted they liked the book and wanted to purchase twenty copies for their shelves! Twenty copies! I about had a heart attack.

First thing I did? Ran into my house (ignoring the "please take off your shoes at the door" rule), skidded to a stop just inside the bedroom, and yelled, "Barnes & Noble wants to carry my book!!!"

And a celebratory chocolate-chip milkshake later, I contacted my publisher to see if they would use one of B&N's third party distributors to carry the book so it could be ordered. Unfortunately, that answer was no, but I am being given the opportunity to be my own distributor (which is fine by me as long as my books make it to those shelves!).

So, I will keep you updated on that little tidbit of beautiful, wonderful news. 

Next up, my new novella, Healer

Life is comfortable in eighteenth century Philadelphia; jobs are aplenty, the town is flourishing, and people are learning. Barely eighteen, Martin Krane learns of his younger sister's illness. Pneumonia threatens her life and Martin will do anything to save her. A mysterious stranger in a seedy pub befriends him one night, spouting strange stories about a "cure for death." Martin soon learns that saving his sister's soul may mean he must exchange it for his own.

If you've been reading my blog posts religiously, you'll know kind of who Martin Krane already is. Healer is the novella/prequel of Martin's origin. My hope is that this will be available on Kindle for 99 cents very, very soon. Look out for it!

And always, feedback about the cover and blurb is absolutely welcome. Thanks all!

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