Friday, July 6, 2012

My Favorite Transformer is Sludge

Right now. Because I'm stuck in it.

He's really dumb.
Currently, I'm working with an editor on my manuscript, The Death of Me--as you may already know. In the original context, Katie was seventeen going on eighteen. Halfway through, she turned eighteen. Now, this is a tough gray area in Young Adult. At eighteen, we are still in our "teens", but we have freer rein over what we can and can't do. Our parents can no longer tell us to clean our room because we're adults. No more curfews, etc. 

See, in Young Adult, there is an age barrier. 18-24 is considered "New Adult" and is very, very hard to sell to big publishers. Therefore, I have changed Katie's age to sixteen. 

But, by doing this, I've been forced (well, I went willingly, but you get the drift) to go back through the already written books two and three to change her age. This means that most of what she could have done at eighteen will be hindered by the fact that she still has to stay in school and do what the adults tell her to. 

I have a problem, though. I know where I want to story to end up, but getting there is half the battle. 

Ew. This is what I'm really stuck in.
Sludge is hard. How do you get out of it? A lot of writers have a lot of different ways to bypass the sludge. Me? I just plug through it. It's going to go through a round of beta readers and edits anyway, right? Might as well just go on (even if it bores me) and hash it out later. Skipping ahead is bad--makes you forget where you were going. And writing something else is even worse, because then you're stuck in that sludge. 

Alas, I am hopeful that the black sticky mess will clear. The end is in sight; I can feel it. But until then, I've got my rubber rain boots on.

FYI... Starscream is my real favorite.

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