Sunday, August 12, 2012

There Seems to Be...

...this pesky little rain cloud following me around. Shoo! Shoo! Go away!

I don't understand why it always rains on me! Why me, rain cloud? Can't you pick on someone your own size? Or shape? Or another inanimate object, perhaps? 

Recently, my novelette Healer released for Amazon Kindle and in paperback. Friday and Saturday, I had a free download promo for the book. About 210 copies were downloaded between the two days. Not a ton of publicity, but enough to get the book out there for people to see.

During the free promo period, I was religiously checking Amazon KDP and the Healer page for "likes," "downloads," "reviews," etc. This morning, I came upon my first review of the book on Goodreads.

It was 1 star. 

1 star. That alone would have been enough to make me want to throw my USB stick of work in the trash. But the spiteful review that followed pushed me over the edge. 

In the review, the individual makes a point to talk about the writing being "juvenile" and the book being "littered with historical inaccuracies." In the end, the reviewer claims to have gotten "1/4 of the way through before [I] deleted it from [my] library."

I was utterly floored by this. I worked very hard on the novelette and was upset to learn that someone hated it so much that they felt the need to publicly show their distaste. 

Now, here I point out some very obvious truths. Why would I (or anyone, for that matter) publish a book with glaring historical inaccuracies? I worked with a local historian on the facts and details, so I'm not sure what the reviewer found so glaring about it. Also, the book is clearly labeled as Young Adult, so of course there will be a bit of a "juvenile" beat to the dialogue. Another issue is that this person did not even finish the book. In my opinion, it is customary to complete something prior to reviewing it so you have a clear mind for what you're writing. 

I sulked about for half the day, looking for solace in anyone who would listen. The second half of today, I was angry. I was so dumbfounded that someone could say something so hateful about a work I put my heart into. But once I settled, I realized that being angry or sad wasn't going to change the reviewer's opinion. The only thing I can do is sit back and wait for others to give their opinions and hope those opinions are positive. 

For my readers who have downloaded and read Healer, I encourage you to leave a review either on Amazon or Goodreads. This would help me out very much, and I do hope you enjoy the novelette.

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