Saturday, April 14, 2012

My First Post

I'm a writer. I love words and I love to write about truth and fiction. Although, it's usually more of the latter with a little of the former thrown in for balance.

Now, notice how I said "writer" and not "author."

In my complex and ever-changing brain, being a writer means you love to write and will sacrifice relationships, sanity, and computers to do it. An author is someone who is paid to write, whether or not they actually enjoy doing it.

I don't get paid... Yet.

I've had my fair share of hobbies in life just like everyone else. Of course, most of those hobbies ended in a hanging of my head in one form of shame or another. I drew pretty pictures, sang at weddings and events, even dabbled in Paranormal Investigation (well, go on then, shake your head and walk away!). But out of the ashes of my failures, I found my true inspiration was story-telling.

Did you ever play that game at a company meeting or classroom where one person tells the other three things about themselves, and one was a half-truth or all out lie? No, well, let's do it. Here goes:

1. I can sing in Japanese (yes, I was born and raised in California... never even been out of the country).
2. I had my appendix taken out.
3. I have fifteen unpublished works gathering e-dust in my computer.


Yes, I can sing in Japanese. It's actually pretty easy. It's just like learning a song in English -- specifically seeing as most of today's pop stars whine for three solid minutes while unoriginal music drones on behind them.

Number two is false. I still have my appendix (for now...).

I know what you're saying, now. "Fifteen unpublished works?" Well... that's about all I know you're saying. I have no idea what questions you're asking in your mind (or even shouting at the screen). Of course, some of these works are short stories I only wrote for myself with no intention of publishing them. But, some of them are meant to be shared. Here's a list:

1. Luck Be a Lady
2. A Cure for the Condition
3. A Cure for the Past
4. A Cure for the Family
5. A Cure for the Hero
6. A Cure for Their Daughter
7. A Cure for the Nightmare
8. RVE025
9. Under the Glass Dome
10. 31919
11. Gibberish
12. The Death of Me
13. The Death of a Pop Star
14. Dimension
15. I Hate Meat

Damn... I have way too much time on my hands. Double damn... none of these are published. What am I doing?

Numbers two and three on the list ARE coming out this year. A Cure for the Condition will be released in June and its sequel in October under a small, independent publisher. Sure, I have to do all the publicity work myself -- and I'm terrible at selling myself, let me tell you -- but it's cool to know that someone else liked my idea enough to publish it.

Now, if only I could find an agent...

Coming up...

My foray into searching for that all-elusive "yes."

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