Monday, April 30, 2012

Some More Searching...

Here are some updates since my last post a million years ago.

On Tuesday, April 25, 2012, I thought I was going to die. You can totally say I'm spoiled and impatient, but I'm just a passionate person. I'm emotional and I'm not afraid to admit it -- even if it may be unwarranted at times, it's just who I am. 

Remember the partial request I was talking about in my last post? Yeah, on the 25th, it was rejected and I went back to square one with no responses and rejections on the query alone. So, I went back to thinking it was my book; my concept just wasn't good enough. I just wasn't good enough. 

So, I sought solace in both my writing group and the forum boards at QueryTracker. Everyone there is so helpful and supportive. I got PM's for "hugs" and lots of "Don't give up!"'s. Subsequently, I also got a few "you need to rework your query"'s. And I thought. Good Lord, not this again! So, I set about diligently (and when I mean diligent, I mean I stayed late after work and stuff) reworking the query, got it to a comfortable spot after several soul crushes and tissues, and sent out another five the next day. 

And April 26th was a better day.

Because I got my first full request. 

Not only was it a full request with the words, "Please, send the full" in the body of the e-mail, but it was from an agency that was notorious for only requesting 3% of queries that come in. And, boy, was I excited. So, I sent it off right away and waited. Then, that night, I got a second request from another agency. 

Dang, I thought the world had gone insane or I just hit a lucky streak. But today, April 30th, my full was rejected from the first agency, saying the writing was good, but he just didn't "fall in love" with it. 

On the bright side, I'm not back at square one again, because I have a second full out there. But I'm still not getting a lot of responses off my query. So, I sent out ten more today and hope for the best. 

Wish me luck!

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